Internet Services

Launceston IT Internet Services

Fibre – Fixed Wireless – Satellite – 4G – 5G

Getting set up with the right internet service can be tricky. We can take the pain out of it for you with our managed internet service. Instead of shopping around, comparing confusing plans, dealing with call centres and trying to configure your own equipment, just call Launceston IT!

Wherever you are, we can advise you on the best way to connect and get you online in no time

4G Backup

When internet uptime is critical to your productivity, you should consider a 4G backup option. With our system, if the NBN network experiences outages or slow speeds, you can seamlessly transition to a 4G backup service – keeping your business running and your staff happy!

New connections

If you’re a builder or developer, or even if you’re just getting the NBN connected at your property for the first time, we offer a consulting service to take stress out of managing the process. Contact us to discuss your particular requirements