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A big thank you to the launceston IT team for the continued fast and efficient IT support service they provide for us. Their engineers are extremely knowledgeable and helpful ensuring the problems are solved quickly and with minimum disruption.

Simon West
, Simon West, Source eCreative

Our relationship with launceston IT works well because they have an intimate working knowledge of our systems, overseeing every aspect of our IT from printing problems right through to bespoke accounting applications. I have never seen Alex lose his cool – even when faced with the most trivial of user requests!

Tom Lawes
, United Agents

launceston IT support is first class. They look after all of our IT requirements as part of our support package and we couldn’t ask for a better service provider. For any company in London wishing to engage a reliable IT maintenance partner, we can’t recommend launceston IT enough.

Nicky Brown
, Nicky Brown, Forum Events

It’s always beneficial to keep up with the ever-changing technologies in the business world and launceston IT have made the whole transition of our old email system to cloud email smooth and simple. They are a helpful and reliable company to deal with and we highly recommend their IT support services to any other London company.

Mark Burton
, Direct Consultancy Ltd.

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