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Keep Your Business Running Remotely

In these unprecedented times, businesses have been suddenly faced with the possibility that all or some of their staff may need to work remotely for an extended period of time.

Businesses that are not adequately set up to handle the situation may struggle to continue servicing their clients. The good news is, that this can be achieved without having to invest in lots of hardware and infrastructure, so we have put together this checklist so you can ensure your business is ready.

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IT For Working From Home

Tools you need for effective working from home

VOIP Phone System

Your VOIP phone system should ideally have mobile app functionality so your staff can continue to receive business phone calls from their mobile, without having to give out their personal number, as well as make internal calls and transfers to other staff also working remotely.

Web-based email system

With a web-based email system, staff can access their emails from any device, making the transition to working at home easier.

Cloud-based files

Having your files in the cloud means your staff can access them from anywhere, and you don’t have problems with speed and loading times that you can get with other remote access options, such as VPN.

Remote IT Support

Make sure your IT provider is able to provide remote IT support, including for personal/non-business devices that staff may be required to use while working from home.

Internet and WIFI

You may need to consider how you can support your staff to access internet services and WIFI at home if their current setup is inadequate for working from home – for example, they may require faster speeds, or more data to cope with the increased activity that working from home creates.

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